Available courses

Dr. Amol G. Sonawale,

Assistant Professor and Head,

Department of Commerce, 

P.D.V.P.College, Tasgaon



The process of globalization of education and economy focuses on quality and excellence in higher education. In the current changing global scenario, there is more demand and scope for professionally trained graduate. To meet this challenge, starting of need based, skill enhancing and career oriented courses facilitate job, self-employment and empowerment of the students. Keeping in view the need for developing trained man-power, promoting scientific temper, technological application and creating job opportunities the course in Land Surveying has been proposed for the undergraduate students.


The course aims to achieve the following objectives:

1. To introduce the students a new technology of Land Surveying.

2. To acquaint the students with reading obtained with Total Station/GPS forming a database for surveying and mapping.

3. To offer practical training in land surveying to the students and make them surveying experts.

4. To generate job opportunities in the corporate and government sector.


Dr. Vinodkumar D. Kumbhar,

Assistant Professor and Head,

Department of Sociology,

P.D.V.P.College, Tasgaon 


 Learning Outcomes: This course helps students to understand the concept, subject matter of Sociology.

Dr. Alka P. Inamdr

Learning Outcomes:

1. Aware about the Spices, Beverages and Fibers, Cereals, Legumes and Oils. 

Economic Botany.jpgEconomic Botany.jpg

Dr. Alka P. Inamdr

Learning Outcomes:

1. Students are acquainted with basic as well as recent knowledge in the field of molecular biology, biotechnology and bioinformatics 

2. Acquiring the basic procedure in the field of microbiology and plant pathology.


Name of Teacher: Dr. Megha U. Patil, Department of Chemistry

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learning and understanding of phase rule, 
  2. learning of One component, Two component and Three component systems phase diagrams with suitable
  3. examples.